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The IDB study continues to receive a lot of attention in the press, among policymakers and in the blogs. A short article in The Economist ( about the report prompted this letter to the editor from one of the key figures involved in the OLPC project in Peru (; more detailed response at and this response from one of the senior executives at OLPC ( There appears to be a lively debate in various corners of the web about the study, featuring many passionate voices. I find that, in many ways, much of the discussion is quite representative of many of the broader themes that characterize debates about ICT use in education in general. (Some quick work with your favorite search engine will provide pointers to lots of interesting perspectives.) That said, I do wonder how many folks have read the actual study about which they are opining in this instance. Once again, for those who are interested, here's a link to the actual working paper: (IDB has also published a short policy note for those in a hurry,