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Submitted by Alex Arévalo on
Thanks for the article, Michael. I think the failure in the Peruvian OLP project was two folded. On one hand, there was no previous training for teachers to develop methodological capacities to exploit the potential of those computers. Teachers basically tought the children how to operate the device, and that was it. On the other hand, it was one of many other big projects that had the aim to create noise in favor of President Garcia. Back in 2007, I was an last-year student at a local university in the Peruvian Amazon. I told my teachers I would like to develop a methodology for language teaching based on web 2.0 tools where students themselves could create content for their own learning. The methodology would use a task based approach. I was kindly invited to make a "less complicated" thesis work. The reason, according to my teachers was that no one could oposse my thesis. It was a faculty of Education, not a faculty of Systems Engenieering- they said. I never wrote the thesis. There you see another example where "if you are already going down the wrong road, technology will only help get you there faster"