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Submitted by JoeN on
Mike, Having been commissioned to look at a number of OLPC programmes elsewhere in the world, sadly, nothing about the Peru experience surprises me. We seem to have the crazy situation where here in the UK we have a crisis in basic literacy (and I guess things aren't all that rosy either in the US!) while you have outstanding efforts like John Wood's, "Room to Read," doing everything possible to improve literacy levels in the developing world and yet huge investments are still being made in technology based on the "faith" (spot-on by the way) that they will bring educational benefits. I can't help asking myself the question if it's a coincidence that Wood's is ex Microsoft and maybe, just maybe...he reached the same conclusion that I did not so long ago: that talk about "digital literacy" is "digital lunacy" in any culture where educators are busy abandoning textual reading in favour of screen reading.