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Submitted by Joe Nutt on
There is one absolutely crucial question I would urge buyers to ask and it's this. Is the educational quality and value of the digital content you're offering me, as effective as the equivalent tried and tested textbook? I've seen plenty of evidence, having working in the business and outside, to make me very sceptical about this. As a simple example. Only this week my eldest daughter was told by her Latin teacher to learn some vocabulary from her online textbook. That vocabulary couldn't be "learned" because online, it only existed as a series of randomised Flash tests, and not a comprehensive, visible list which allowed the learner to design their own learning strategy. I'm sure the publisher and the designer told someone a great story about "interactivity" but in effect produced a "service" that wasn't serving any school pupil very well. As long as digital content producers and publishers, continue to design for the purse holder instead of the real customer: who is always ultimately a teacher or pupil, this kind of thing will continue to happen.