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Thanks for your comment, Tim.

For those not familiar with him: Justin Reich is the co-director of EdTechTeacher and a Fellow of the Berkman Center at Harvard. While it has a largely U.S. focus, much of Justin's work may be of interest to many regular readers of the EduTech blog. In addition to the blog post on EdWeek that Tim links to in his comment above, readers may wish to have a look at the archived video from a presentation Justin did at Berkman earlier this year on 'Will Free Benefit the Rich? How Free and Open Education Might Widen Digital Divides' :

This issue of equity versus opportunity (as well as equity of opportunity) will be the subject of a few additional EduTech blogs posts later in the year. Judging by our user stats, this post on 'The Matthew Effect of Educational Technology' seems to be resonating with many readers. Thanks to everyone who is passing along links and tweeting about it.