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I am new to this site and find your post very interesting and the comments which follow at least as interesting. I am puzzling over the relevance and sustainability of ICTs in work which we are doing (context: Uganda - working in the catchment area of a primary teacher training college). I can see the power of what is possible but trip over when I think about how it might carry on...and should it carry on? We are recording teaching practice, pupil activity and school environments and using the results in training for the teachers whose work has been recorded - individually and in groups - as well as using stills photography to give stimulate individual responses to documents produced at college level.

I am more than puzzled when some colleges and other education institutions are given up to eighty new computers at one time via the Uganda Communications Commission. First there's the issue of why? Then where could they possibly go - and what would need to move to accommodate them? Then how would the new equipment be able to be maintained? Who has the technical expertise to maintain them and the money to do so? Who has the pedagogical skills, vision and commitment to ensure that such a resource is used properly?

The UK visitor referred to by Joen seems to have been out of step with current thinking in the UK - but I think that there is a seductiveness for institutions which allows them to welcome offers, like that of dozens of computers, without thinking about the wisdom of the offer and the wisdom of accepting the offer.

My college was offered 80 computers by the UCC and I found myself saying the the principal, 'Why not suggest that you will only accept halt the number if they would provide desks, chairs and other kit so that the computers could be used.' In the end, the college did not accept the offer of the computers. I think that that was the right decision.