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These are excellent recommendations from the business perspective.

In the interest of optimizing "returns on investment" from the technology investment, I would add that policymakers and implementers also incorporate a higher level of thinking around the educational rationale for technology. As you know, I work on this. :)

Example questions to consider at this level: 1) what are some specific learning standards and outcomes that are pain points or bottlenecks in the given educational system (e.g. the attainment of academic English skills needed for college-level success)? Might technology be an amenable tool for addressing some of these pain points? If so, which ones? Next, the how questions - what does the existing base of education research tell us about overcoming these pain points? How might technology initiatives be informed by this research base? How might technology initiatives allow us to explore and break new grounds? How can we put a system in place that allows us to monitor the benefits (or lack of) associated with technology, that more importantly, enables us to continuously improve on the technology initiatives?