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Submitted by Bonnie Lathram on

This article hits home for me in so many ways. I was a teacher technology trainer in Tanzania in 2006. This involved me teaching teachers (some of them had never even typed on a computer) how to instruct using a Dell laptop. Instruction was all in lecture, so they learned how to use the laptop and projector to build their lectures. While the tech could have been used in ways that were really helpful for students and their learning, most of the time the lectures were the same old boring lectures they would have been without the technology. Ultimately, the pedagogy and the ways the teachers were teaching (and the way teachers are trained) needed to change. The technology was not (a-hem) the game changer. Flash forward ten years, and all knowledge is contained in a thin tablet. Yet we want to teach students to think. It's imperative that we have great teachers who now how to incorporate the tech in the classroom in meaningful ways. I go back to this all the time--- change the ways we train our ed leaders and our teachers and model how they can teach students. Because of my experience in TZ and then years of leading PD in the US, I really strongly affirm that teacher and leadership talent cultivation and strong teacher prep programs that use tech and model the deeper learning practices is at least part of the answer to the incorporation of tech in the classroom. Love the forward thinking here. Thanks for the thought provoking article and look forward to reading more.