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BA in Political Science and Psychology from University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Masters in International Relations from University of Queensland.... Read more »
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Lakshmi Iyer is an economist in the Business, Government and the International Economy (BGIE) Unit at Harvard Business School. Her primary research... Read more »
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Lauren MacDonald is currently working in South Asia External Affairs.

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Lelia Croitoru is an environmental economist (consultant) at the World Bank. She has worked extensively on environmental valuation related to forests,... Read more »
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Lena Krylova is a freelance consultant specializing in good governance and social accountability issues.  Read more »
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Lia Carol Sieghart is a Program Leader and Lead Climate Change Specialist at the World Bank. She is based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. She  is responsible... Read more »
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Lisandro Martin is a Results Specialist Operations Officer based in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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Luis Andres is Lead Economist in the Sustainable Development Department for the South Asia Region of the World Bank. His work at the World Bank involves... Read more »