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Join us to Discuss Bangladesh's Economic Prospects!

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We've launched a two-day online discussion on Bangladesh's Economic Growth at the World Bank Bangladesh Facebook page. Through the online discussion, we hope to initiate dialogue with you on Bangladesh's economy, the possibilities and the binding constraints for its continued growth.

Our economists will answer your questions and moderate the discussion. We encourage you to share your thoughts or ask questions on these pertinent issues and are looking forward to hosting more discussions on different themes.

Join us, leave comments, and invite your friends!

What? Bangladesh's Economic Growth: How can Bangladesh can embark on its journey towards higher growth?

When? August 25 and 26, 2011

Where? World Bank Bangladesh on Facebook

Let us know what you think!


basis of a good e-governance system is the access to services, and this is important to develop the economy in a country. Bangladesh got a credit line from World Bank for establish a NID system, meaning NID number for each citizen, followed by issuing an ID card, for multi purposes, including to be used as voting card. Several Request for Expression of Interest in Consulting work on different fiels related to this credit line have been published, since beginning of this year. We as SID Consult are specialist in NID card production system, including the whole manufacturing processes,can assist in all needed tendereing processes, are independent of any supplyer or manufacturer. Re the mentioned requests we have not seen any reaction or results yet , we participated in answering re procurement and have in our team also IT specialist, as we can call in more people. We believe strongly that local manufacturing , not importing of cards or passports as it happens now. Local production will create jobs, will push technology and will save money. The paper of World Bank is not showing this, arguing lack of expierience of the Governmnet printer who can print banknotes. Why not to train them producing plastic cards ? We have managed such introduction of new technologies to other countries. Any comment on this ?

Submitted by Arafat Rahman on
the problem of inflation in bangladesh is very crucial. So when talking about economic growth we need to keep in mind how to encorage it without fueling inflation. so that life stadards dont decrease. Bangladesh needs to look at individual industries and try to make policies to increase financial assistance and invstments in these industries. Bangladesh needs to compensate the industries that is shrinking due to losses so that production in the future is not affcted much. the lending rate is too high in bangladesh.commercial banks charges a intrest rate as high as 22%,which discourages investment thus production decreases and unemployment occurs. Goverment should take initiatives to control money supply not intrest rates. The productivityof the work force is a major factor therefore investments in primary education is needed. more universities and institutes are needed. ta incentives are too low. goverment should decrease tax rates so (but keep in mind the inflation) personal investments could rise. The coal mines should be extracted by bangladeshi companies so more raw materials are avaialble.

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