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Wanted: South Asian Youth Leaders who want to make a Difference!

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Update: The participants have been announced!

Thank you so much for the overwhelming interest and applications that you've sent. If you were not selected, we will continue to work together on sharing the ideas in your essays that you've submitted over the next few months. Thanks again! 

Are you from a South Asia Region (SAR) country, 18-25 years old and engaged in youth activities and development initiatives? 

Apply to join the World Bank & IMF’s Annual Meetings from September 23-25, 2011 in Washington DC, USA.

Application deadline: August 19, 2011. Details below.

The goal of the South Asia Youth delegates is to foster an understanding of youth issues in the sharing, exchange of ideas, and the for young people to more fully engage the World Bank in issues relating to youth.


The demographic dividend in South Asia is both a challenge and opportunity facing the region. With millions of youth entering the work force every year, there’s an incredible need for more and better jobs in the region.

To enjoy all aspects of life, you need a productive job that removes you from the daily struggle of making ends meet. Governments have an important role to play, providing information, incentives, and an economic environment to foster adaptation and mitigation actions, engaging in new opportunities such as those stemming from climate finance and green technologies.

South Asia is unique in the multiplicity of its challenges and opportunities to generate productive employment. What role can youth and governments play in order to address these challenges? This is the reason why the World Bank’s first South Asia Region flagship report will focus on More and Better Jobs.


By participating in the annual meetings, youth leaders will:

• deepen their knowledge and understanding of the World Bank
• provide strategy inputs on how youth can engage with the World Bank on development issues that are important to them
• interview delegates from their countries with flipcams to discuss issues related to youth and employment
• share how their understanding of the World Bank may have changed over the experience
• be empowered to become actively involved in youth issues and encourage effective networking across regions for knowledge exchange and sharing of best practices

Selection and Eligibility Criteria

• Submit a completed application.
• Provide a short record of your involvement and track record on youth issues and development activities.
• Provide a short essay on what More and Better Jobs in South Asia mean to you?
• Demonstrate effective communication and excellent written and oratory skills.
• Citizenship from a South Asian country within the age group of 18-25.
• Have an interest in youth engagement and development affairs.

Selected candidates will be expected to film some of their experiences and interview other participants and delegates attending the Annual Meetings. They will also share how youth can better engage with the World Bank to enhance mutual understanding on youth issues. Other items may be expected and will be communicated to participants.

Airfare, accommodations, and meals will be covered by the World Bank.

Submission deadline and further information:

Application Form

The applications must be submitted by August 19, 2011 to Joe Qian through email: [email protected]. Successful applicants will be notified by Thursday August 25, 2011.

To be plugged into the World Bank in your country, talk to us on Facebook!

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Submitted by Nikita Saxena on
Hi, I hope I'm not being annoying by adding to the stress, but I was just wondering if it would be possible for you to tell us how many people would be getting selected. Thanks a lot :) Nikita Saxena

Submitted by Priyanka on
Hello! My application took a little bit of time finding its way to you.My apologies:( Hoping you could be a little gracious and review it despite it being a little late. I'm sure you must be swimming in hundreds of applications, but would mean a lot to have been considered. Thank you!:)

Submitted by Min on
I have been waiting for the results for...forever!!! Cannot take the pressure anymore!! Hopefully the best of the applicants will be selected (and HOPEFULLY, I will be one of the lucky ones!)... waiting...:) Min

Submitted by Kri on
Hello Joe, Will you announce the results on your blog as you would not be able to send emails to those who have not been selected

Submitted by Joe Qian on
Hi all, thanks so much for all your hardwork on your applications. On the Visa issue, we will try to help you expedite the process as much as possible. Bhanu, please do share your thoughts with us on how we can make this space better. J, we plan to have one candidate from each country through this process. However, even if you're not selected, I will be working with you to share your ideas with wider audiences since many of you have espoused excellent ideas. Stay tuned over the next few weeks!

Submitted by Anonymous on
Hey guys! last day to go ... (fingers crossed!) good luck winners in advance from all over South Asia. Irfan Kareem Pakistan

Submitted by Kareem Irfan on
Dear Joe I strongly recommend you to email the details of winners through personal emails. Obviously If we the individuals could manage to dedicate many sleepless nights for your holy cause; we do deserve to have enough correspondence response whether we're selected or not. Once results have been announced, Kindly share with us no. of participants and criteria for rating the essay quality. this may become helpful as guideline for us to take in future competitions (internationally organized). One more question is pinching, Joe, I wish to listen your comment about "definitely there would not be any biased element for the essay examiners to assure the fair chance at all stages". Awaiting for your kind respond! Irfan Kareem Pakistan

Submitted by Joe Qian on
We will definitely email the details to the winners as we'll have to coordinate with them on logistics, planning, and responsibilites. We will have the results by the end of the week. The applications were reviewed by different people in different countries so there are no biases. Unfortunately, given the number of applications, we can't email every single person individually if they were not selected but we've saved and filed the applications for different initiatives in the near future including engaging with your networks, sharing the best essays on the blog, creating a word cloud, etc. There will be other channels to share your work if you were not selected. The criteria for the essays were based on the quality of the ideas that were shared, creativity, and whether they compellingly addressed the topic as our regional flagship is on the same subject and hopefully create opportunity for dialogue and complementary ideas.

Submitted by Kareem Irfan on
HEY JOE (SORRY FOR INTERRUPTION ONCE AGAIN) 23 to 25 and now its by end of the week :). . . actually we're on toes for results... Kindly assure results :). It's really something which can not be expressed in words :) and very thanks for above cited kind guidance about my queries.

Submitted by Joe Qian on
I completely understand the anticipation and empathize and apologize for the delay. It's difficult when you have so many great applications to review individually and discuss amongst your peers. Also remember that the dates that are listed are Eastern Standard time in the US so it's the 24th here right now. :)

Submitted by Kareem Irfan on
Dear Joe I could see up, you again demonstrated some sort of hopes for those who may not be able to get there in meetings. how would you keep engaging them to extract the best ideas from US? 2nd thing, organizing such competition, is it a regular feature of World Bank? sorry i am new to this blog & Network. Through you, I want to deviate the attention of policy makers of this region to address the youth brain drain issue too. I hope this issue may be considered for future blogging because we're extremely facing this issue.

Submitted by M. M. on
Last night I was making a list of the good things I'd do if I got selected - you know, one of my ways of blackmailing God! :P But then I really thought over it! Do I necessarily have to win to bring about a positive change in my life and in the life of those who surround me? Seriously? The answer was a big NO. Sometimes it takes a lifetime... and sometimes a mere thought could do wonders! A single thought yesternight literally changed everything for me! And now that I really think of it, I don't think I'd win at all; I feel my form was somewhat incomplete! But you know what, I'm ready not only to face this failure, but to actually learn from it! Good luck to all the applicants! Make us proud; make South Asia proud! And although, I truly appreciate this initiative by World Bank, I hope that someday we compete with the rest of the world in similar competitions and some of us ACTUALLY make it to the winners' list! :) That's my dream!

Submitted by Anonymous on
Joe,atleast put the name of all the delegates on the blog,if you cant mail to every participant who is not selected.It will be much easier for all of us,as we wont keep waiting for the mails

Submitted by Anonymous on
When are the results expected?

Submitted by Guy on
Stop nagging the poor guy people. They are probably swamped with all our applications, its bound to take time! End of this week means Friday or even Saturday and its barely Friday in South Asia. You'll probably have to wait around 24 more hours! Have a little patience people! And of course they will put up the results on the blog or at least announce that they are out! Thats just obvious!

Submitted by Anonymous on
@Guy, you are right, lets just wait and have faith.

Submitted by Miss Rose on
Results released?

Submitted by Joe Qian on
Update: The participants have been announced! Thank you so much for the overwhelming interest and applications that you've sent. If you were not selected, we will continue to work together on sharing the ideas in your essays that you've submitted over the next few months. Thanks again! To see the full list:

Submitted by Wajahat Nassar on
How about parallel events for the Youth of South Asia. Here it goes: 1. There is WB office in every country of South Asia. 2. From the pool of selected applicants the people are invited to their respective country offices 3. The team meets a day earlier than the the event in Washington. 4. Discusses the same items. 5. Make proposals, recommendations 6. Submit them to the conference organizers in Washington. How about this? Involvement of all applicants.

Submitted by Prakhar on
all the bst to all the selected delegates!!! go and rock the world !!!

Submitted by Anonymous on
It appears that people were more interested in the trip rather than thinking!!!

Submitted by Joe Qian on
Nothing wrong with being able to do two things at once. The delegates will be working hard while they're here. :)

Submitted by Anonymous on
My sense of saying was otherwise. I was talking about those who were not selected, to discuss and come forward in their country offices. The whole idea of the trip was more alluring rather than working for South Asia. For those selected, yes they can do both.

I truly love your website.. Very nice colors & theme.
Did you build this site yourself? Please reply back as I'm hoping to create my own personal site and want to learn where you got this from or exactly what the theme is called. Thanks!

Submitted by Md Mohsin Patwary on

Great work!


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