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And the Youth Delegates are...

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A huge thanks to everyone who participated in the Annual Meeting South Asia Youth Delegates competition!

With so many fascinating and well qualified applicants, it was truly difficult to narrow them down. After days of rigorous review and deliberations, we'd like the candidates below to join us.

No matter what, we would like to continue working together with all of you on different initiatives going forward. Please let us know your thoughts and how we can work together in the near future. Thank you! 

Afghanistan: Aman Farahi, Seeds of Peace Qara Consulting

Bangladesh: Tashmina Rahman, ShARE-UD

Bhutan: Tshering Pelmo, DAISAN

India: Sonal Kapoor, Protsahan India Foundation

NepalSubhash Ghimire, Sarswati Foundation

Pakistan: Shaiza Quyyum, Chanan Development Association

Sri LankaKeshavi Puswewela, AIESEC Sri Lanka

Talk to us on Facebook!

-Sri Lanka


Submitted by Kareem Irfan on
I wish you success and very best of luck to all winners! and do believe you guys will bring positive change in our society :). Irfan Kareem Pakistan

Submitted by Joe Qian on
Hi Irfan, we plan to have more engagements in the future and plan on featuring essays through this blog and more. Stay tuned!

Submitted by Anonymous on
Subash . Represent our Nation! All the best! Bingo! Winners!

Submitted by Jatin kataria on
Amazing... best of the best wishes to all winners and we can say 8 pillars of south asia... its time celebrate success.. :) cheers Jatin Kataria

Submitted by Irfan Kareem on
Dear Joe Hope you’re doing good. I wish if you could publish the essays. It would be an asset for beginners of social sector aspirants also try to establish an intra-country network who are connected through this blog and supervise them personally with specific objectives. 3rd it’s humble suggestion if you kindly demonstrate any souvenir (type anything) that acknowledge our participation in this competition. This practice would help us in our future endeavors and keep us tuned with you as well. Hope this may work. Regards Irfan Kareem Pakistan

Submitted by Min on
Good luck to the winners! I really wanted to represent Bangladesh in the meeting.. But I'm sure the best has been selected from all the applicants! Looking forward to similar opportunities in future.. Min

Submitted by Nadir Shah Nadim on
Congratulations to Tashmina Rahman from Bangladesh and all the other candidates who have been selected.Hope this visit will start a new path of sources to participate more in this types of program. Nadir Shah Nadim Bangladesh

Submitted by Anonymous on
Hi, Sorry to disturb you but i just wanted to make a request. Can you please post the answer of the selected individuals so that we can learn what more and better job would mean for south asia?

Submitted by Imran Khan on
Dear all -- My heartiest congratulations to all of you who have been selected to attend the annual meeting. I am sure you guys will learn a lot and share your knowledge and experience with the youth of your countries and the region, for that matter, when you come back. Good luck to all of you! Dear Joe -- Let me thank World Bank and you for giving the youth leaders an opportunity to participate in this. Cheers, Imran Khan.

Submitted by Joe Qian on
Really appreciate the time all of you put in the applications, your essays, and your comments on this page! We will launch the regional flagship publication during the Annual Meetings and will feature the essays of not only the winners but everyone in different and creative ways over the next few months so stay tuned!

Submitted by Kareem Irfan on
Dear Joe optimistically watching ahead ...!!! Regards' Irfan Kareem Pakistan

Submitted by Adam Gill on

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Submitted by Tashmina Rahman on
Congrats to all selected Youth Delegates! I look forward to meeting you all and making this initiative a success for SA youth! Also, many thanks to all fellow youth advocators for the support and kind words! The sheer enthusiastic participation of each and everyone demonstrates the drive and potential of our generation in the region! Once again, thank you Mr. Qian and WB for this laudable initiative! Cheers! Tashmina Rahman

Submitted by Anonymous on
Can you please double the people attending. I mean two from each country???? Please

Submitted by Janell on
This is very exciting and I look forward to meeting each of the delegates!! Janell

Submitted by Anonymous on
Please can you select two delegates from each country. Joe please reply. Please. This would be gender balance for each country and overall South Asia. I know the costs would be higher, but the two delegates will be a better representation.

Submitted by Joe Qian on
We would've loved to have all the applicants join and two is better than one, unfortunately there is logistical and budget considerations that we must take into account. As I said, we will continue to engage with all of you. Thanks!

Submitted by Suraj on
Dear Joe, Perhaps the logistical concerns bar this, but is it possible to allow someone to attend if they are to finance their attendance? Thanks.

Submitted by Wajahat Nassar on
How about parallel events for the Youth of South Asia. Here it goes: 1. There is WB office in every country of South Asia. 2. From the pool of selected applicants the people are invited to their respective country offices 3. The team meets a day earlier than the the event in Washington. 4. Discusses the same items. 5. Make proposals, recommendations 6. Submit them to the conference organizers in Washington. How about this? Involvement of all applicants.

Submitted by Antony Arul Valan on
My Best regards to all the seven winners of the 'Annual Meeting South Asia Youth Delegates' competition. Wish you take the issues in South Asia to be heard at the right place. Kudos!

Submitted by Joe Qian on
Really appreciate the feedback! Sri Lanka is hosting a Youth Open House next Thursday to hear from youth and share about the World Bank's development practices. If you're in the Colombo area, please feel free to sign up!

Submitted by Wajahat Nassar on
That is only for Sri Lanka. I am talking about engaging people all over South Asia, I will get in touch with the contact in my country. Thanks.

Submitted by Joe Qian on
Yes, absolutely. Please make a request under CSO or Visitor at the annual meeting site and you'll be able to attend as long as your application is approved. Thanks!

Submitted by Suraj on
Thank you for the reply, Joe! And to the conference attendes, especially Subhash Ghimire from Nepal, I hope that you have an awesome and meaningful time at the conference.

Submitted by Raj Anmol Singh Garg on
Heartiest congratulations to every one selected. Dear Joe I also applied for SAR Youth Delegates but i think some people had better essays and ideas. Always willing to stay attached and work for betterment. Kindly inform me if I could still be part of any such program helping in bringing change. Thanks

Submitted by Wasif on
Is the youth delegate going to be a regular thing from now on? I would love to apply again next year. I would love to visit this year as a visitor, but i guess this is too late now. :( :(

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