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Submitted by Mahina Arefin on

Dear Naila Kabeer ,

1)Thank you for your posting in this blog with concern of Women Empowerment in Bangladesh.

2)In my opinion, there are 2 primary reason of poverty and unemployment of rural poor women in Bangladesh. a) Elite Capture b) Male dominance .

3) If you look to the SIPP and NJLIP project of World Bank you will find that project are claimed with all around best and most successful and all kind of self boasting and false propaganda but the fact remains that even after 12 years of working there are no real improvement in project's villages.

4) These 12 years and ground realities says that World Bank also gets involved in Elite Capture and male dominance since as per document and its evaluation there should not be any poor any more.

5) My self offered very practical Income generating activities to provide sustainable livelihood to World Bank and implementing agency but it got shadowed by Elite Capture and male dominance .

6) It looks like that it is in the interest of World Bank that poverty must be maintained so as to keep the capture and dominance alive.

7) I await your valued comment and suggestion on on my inference.

Mahina Arefin