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Submitted by Ramen Patel on

Hi Annette
My name is Ramen Patel and I am actually a fellow kiwi. I was born, raised, educated and worked in NZ. I am a civil engineer with some 28 years of experience in private consulting firms and Councils (Manukau and Auckland). I have been in India, in Ahmedabad with my family for the past 4 years, involved with charitable work. I am wondering if it would be possible to meet you and possibly others to discuss Asset Management. NZ had a very good system unique in the world where all Councils are required by Audit NZ to have Asset Management plans. This has substantial benefits financially and socially. I am in New Delhi on 17 to 19 July and am wondering if I could meet you to discuss this further. I will be contacting others at the World Bank in New Delhi also regarding this. My mobile no. is 735 931 3922 if you wish to call me. PS great to see Team NZ win the Americas Cup again.
With kind regards

Yours sincerely

Ramen Patel