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Submitted by Buddhika on

Wonderful article. To the point Idah, Some of the burning issues highlighted by you.
Almost 30%-40% wastages in this sector. Around 8% GDP in total agriculture sector, but 29% depending on it. I am sure your contribution is much valued.
In my view, we have to look at the key point, less land area for agriculture which is reducing at a very fast rate, This is mainly due to cultural reason as next generation wants land ownership from their previous generations, how to tackle this?
Then where is the productivity?
Does this people get sufficient food intake, housing, health facilities, good school to their children?
If can relocate these farmers, say in a Smart City built on low cost method, giving all above facilities including a vocation, then unproductive component is removed,
Then what we have to look at remaining component, where they can easily drive for productivity & quality.