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Submitted by Hikmatullah Khalid on

Dear Sirs,

I would like to point my finger at some very important issues that the Afghan government and international community will have to keep in mind while working for a better tomorrow, the points are as follows:
1. There is a huge existence of corruption within the Afghan Government, so it is imperative to get rid of it first, by employing accountable and transparent individuals.
I hope you know that some of the schools being documented as constructed or reconstructed in blue folders in the cabinets of the Ministries are actually not existed, it just a paper work.
2. The military people, people in the civil service, people in the courts never think of how to solve problems in the community. They create problems for civilians. They enlarge the distance between the nation and the government everyday, instead of bridging the gap.
It is a bitter fact that most often people address their issues in the courts of the shadow government of the Taliban and Taliban make decisions on sorting out the problems.
Now it has become a chain, if the masses are not happy with government, they get closer to the Taliban side, and it automatically affects the situation negatively.

Best Regards,
Hikmatullah Khalid