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Submitted by Murat Sungur Bursa on

Isnt it ironical to be a "carbon-negative" country and yet suffer from climate change effects at this scale. Better equipped hydromet services and more accurate weather forecasting are the foundation pillars of DRM efforts to mitigate flood and landslide damages associated with hydro-meteorological hazards . I am sure that the system will incorporate early-warning systems to enable last minute measures and preparedness as the farmer from Namseyling village is hoping. But let us not forget that the real impact the DRM specialists expect will be much broader in context .Naturally the data collected and weather forecasts will be used for agricultural planning decisions including selection, cultivation, and harvest of crops, but further efforts must be maintained for designing , constructing and maintaining structures and developing required infrastructure . Moreover, the land planning authorities must make use of the data.
In short: We all know that disaster losses and damages are best avoided or minimized by being prepared and by cautiously and consciously implementing our development projects including urbanization.