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Submitted by Clarence Maloney on
The whole population is not brought along in the development process, as has happened in South Korea, Japan, Eastern European countries, Thailand etc. A big reason is LANGUAGE. When the "elite" get educated in English, and scientific and even agricultural sciences are conducted in that language, and the schools in the people's languages are neglected, the result is a growing class gulf. There are 7 languages in India with more speakers than French- but what is their output in modern thought and science? Either the social gulf will widena as more people pride themselves in English education, or the States will take the bull by the horns and in the interest of democracy and development, insist that high school and basic college education should be conducted in the people's languages- with Hindi, English, and other second languages also well learned. This is the development model adopted in Europe, Korea, Taiwan, etc. Why not in South Asia?