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Bangladesh is known as democratic country But as per article ( section ) 70 of Bangladesh Constitution , only key person or party chief. can take decision none the else Second one is very age old or left over colonial laws and judicial system for ruling the people. Due to which billions of hard earned cash money of common people are spend in conducting these pending suits or litigation in the court which may not be settled even in life time nor have any certainty of any specific results Now the question- who are direct beneficiaries ? Contesting parties are compelled to spend money in addition to valuable times of their active life, year after year ARE THESE PRODUCTIVE ACTIVITIES ? If not why such colonial laws and legal system are not changes ? Peoples are in opinion that Bangladesh can not face the advancement of Science and Technology like other Asian Countries nearby Bangladesh Even Bangladesh will not be able to dream the face of digital world with existing colonial laws and legal system . But it is good for providing money to a group of people involved in conducting present legal process / system who have no rule in productive activities to change the face of poverty of the country . Third point which is most significant and important are the lack of accountability in every stage of life for people or Government Personal / Officials It will be wise to reform / replace the concerned ministry with expert of political sciences / social welfares and expert from relevant subjects of science and technology. like medicine , engineering , agricultural sciences , business and commerce etc ?