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Submitted by Mulazi Ali Khokhar on
It is very appreciable that education reforms in Pakistan are widely talked and supported worldover but alas! not by typical Pakistaniz and that is the biggest dilemma of my times. Being a Pakistani I can not ignore this gutt feeling and I am very thankful to you all. My request to world bank: Please please n please supervise the reform programs more strictly as the funds are more likely to be ....... if in hands of Pakistaniz especially the politicians. USAID is managing the education programs very well and one can learn from them. To Ali: I agree, all the provinces need equal attention and thus the program for only Sindh n Punjab is not justifiable. To Melissa: Although supporting a child for studies is a continuous job, I would suggest be active by your self to participate for this good deed. Most of the NGOs are not working honestly here and the probabilities of funds being manipulated for their own needs is higher. Sorry for my uneven english writing and for my directive tone. But I have told u the realities. God bless us all.