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I totally agree with your viewpoint on community based interventions to save children under-age of five, I think it is everyone's responsibility to strive for saving children under age 5. I also would like to know why life-cycle approach includes only adolescent girls and pregnant women and not boys, expecting fathers and fathers. I understand that in the past, policies focused on woman's role in family's primary care was highlighted among others in order to ensure that they(girls) get the required basic education without being faced by resistance from the community. I am wondering, as we approach 2015 MDG time frame, do we still take the same route or should we include boys and men too to be accountable for primary care needs of the family. We recognized woman's potential to improve economic standing of the family and community, we know men in our family have the emotional quotient to participate and take responsibility of family, why not provide the well-needed training also to these boys and men and save children under the age of 5 at a faster pace??