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Submitted by Ram Charitra Sah on
Dear Mr. Jeremy Levin, Greeting from Nepal Thank you for bringing the good aspect of the Biogas plant and realted CDM business in Nepal. But it is sad to hiding the negative aspect of it. Though it gives me pleasure through reading your blog on Renewable biogas provides clean, affordable energy for rural households in Nepal" I am totally disappointed from person like Senior Technical Specialist is not being awareof the negtive aspect of the project. So far over 1000 different projects worldwide have been registered as CDM project. Most of Nepali feel proud of getting registered Nepalese Biogas Project under CDM which is basically a false solution as such it helps fulfilling the obligation of noth by south. With respect to Biogas Project CDM in Nepal, definitely credit goes to all involved in designing, processing and marketing, but the real credit has to be given to those farmers who have invested their financial and physical efforts towards establishing these biogas units. This has not been recognized anywhere. I hope you may be aware about some farmers have gone under heavy debt due to cofinancing these biogas plant through cooperatives to which you have made glorious pictures. Despite large number of biogas establishment, it is still beyond the accessible to the poor and indigenous people of Nepal who are actually entitled to get the subsidies. Unfortunately subsidies has been enjoyed by the elite one and richer fartmers. Government subsidies policy has failed to benefit this poor section of society. The negotiation between World Bank and Government of Nepal towards trading of carbon credit earned by Biogas Plant established and earned by farmers have resulted huge amount of foreign currency to come to Nepal. But the sad part of this negotiation is that, neither government, involved I/NGOs nor Multinational Bank you represent have so far seen serious about ensuring returning this carbon credit earning to its real owner, i.e. to farmers who own the plant , who own the credit. So in my perception it is social injustice and economic injustice to the farmers has been promoted throuhg Biogas CDM project in Nepal and by the involved institutions. Ram Charitra Sah Environment Scientist and Climate Change Campaigner Pro Public/Freiends of The Earth Nepal Tel No. 977-1-4265023 Email: