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Submitted by lochan shrestha on
To end poverty in the World. One third of world population is living less than a dollar in a day. In Nepal 39 percent of Nepal's population is living in very poor. Last year I surveyed 1260 households in 12 VDC of Lalitpur remote area, I found 480 households out of them less than one dollar in a day. I have vision and committment to end poverty in Nepal as a whole. First of all, I collect information from primary sources, and then contact to local people of each district particularly women and form group, committee, centre, branch and head office. It takes me one year to register micro credit bank in kathmandu. I will contact to the world bank, ADB, EU, US AID, SDC, GTZ, JICA, DFID, DANIDA, Commercial Bank, Development Bank, Financial Institutions, Micro finance Bank, Cooperatives, Ngos, and Individuals. I hope I will do and commit to end poverty in Nepal upto 2020.