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Submitted by Alan on
Hello Jeremy South Africa faces similar problems on the outskirts of our cities where there is sufficient land for agricultural purposes, but these lands are fast becoming a living slum area for people in search of a better life. the winters are unforgiving, AIDS and crime are rampant and its getting worse. I recently set up a NPO to to tackle the problem of eradicating these informal settlements and its a major project, however we are hopeful of acquiring land that will be used to create plantations for renewable energy and agricultural products and these yields will provide a substantial opportunity for work and small business development, it really means that these outer city areas will be developed to be mini self sustainable towns. But as these opportuinities are materializing the people are still suffering with electricity and heating, most of them have access to water but thats just about it. I was considering the options of waste usage for gasification to the household and wandered if you have any proposals or soultions, we really need some help and commitment from somewhere. My website is still under construction so please use my mail address for contact purpose, and God bless you four your comitment to help others. Alan