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Submitted by Tenzin Jangchup Khampa on
The Four Loans taken by World Bank in 2009 Worth Over $4.3 Billion Provided to India For 28 years And Financed by IBRD which are - -Banking Sector Support: $2 billion. -Support for India Infrastructure Finance Company Limited: $1.195 billion. -The Fifth Power Sector Support Project: $1 billion. -The Andhra Pradesh Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project: $150 million. This loan has put an important stake in mind of ordinary people of India and other Developing Nations, that will the loan be utilized as set forward by the managing team or as the World bank director for India N.Roberto Zagha has resumed for its Utilization. As India seeks forward for the developmental growth in infrastructure with more rigorous and more stabilized performance manner then on its literally paper,so for betterment of India's infrastructure and its people, it looks forward for well equipped and managed plan which can come out with profitable and befitting loan taken from the World bank to India, where employment generating income growth, education betterment with poverty reduction, proper food for all and nutrition in consciousness, with better health rate with well developed sanitary and road facilities, with electricity and water in proper utility concern, taking in record the urban as well as rural enterprises whether small scale or macro level, leading to a Healthy India and Better India.