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Submitted by Great Govinda on
Yes, I really proud of you that you are posting a comment like this being an Indian. But, you need to know something about our country. Our country is not a poor country in resources. We have enough resources. But, we are unable to use that so. I don't want to motivate you but this consciousness something needs to be created in your mind. We need to fight with other countries not by any weapons. It doesn't works out. We need to fight economically. I have a good project in my hand. But, being a middle class I am unable to execute this at present. But, one or another day I will definitely do it. This project is of agricultural project. You are aware that agriculture is the main occupation of our country. Don't think that I am asking you something monetary help from you. Because, so many people may think that if we are pitching something new to a stranger, definitely they are asking some money help. I am not such kind of person. My only intention is to make awareness to the people to like good life. If my project is executed all over our nation then our nation becomes the commonwealth nation. I am sure. It purely focuses on the middle class people of our country. If you are really interested to know about my project kindly contact me via email [email protected] com. Once I got your email I will explain my project in detail. Regards, Govinda Krishnan.R. Bangalore, Karnataka, India.