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Submitted by Gabriela on
In response to the question posed at the end of the blog, concerning strategies for effective problem solving. Well, in addition to the already mentioned solutions in the blog and other approaches suggested by some of the other responses, I would add the possibility of replicating some of the strategies used in the schooling system in provinces like Kerala with 97% literacy and apply them to other provinces like Jarkhand, with 4% literacy rate. In addition, I would suggest developing a program that allows students themselves to problem-solve or make suggestions to improve the schooling system in India. For instance, a program could be developed for a student exchange program between Indian provinces for students to identify an issue, strategize, develop and carry out their solutions in the location of their choosing and/or a location with extremely low literacy. I am not familiar with Indian society so, I cannot attest to the level of seriousness these ideas will be taken or, if they are remotely possible. But, I think it is nonetheless worth considering ways to empower those most affected by the lack/low education levels by acknowledging students and their ideas. After all, they are positioned to know how problems impact them.