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I admit I haven't read the report however, if the four approaches mentioned in this blog are representative of the main report findings then I am unsettled at the level of this discussion. We can probably go in ad infinitum about what are the most important recommendations, but what they are not is information technology (when teacher absenteeism ranges from 25-50%), where electricity is sporadic etc. Building more schools? Again there are "schools", but not teachers and budget (mostly pilfered) to run them up to a minimum of adequate standard. Just building more "schools" is not going to solve them if they are underfunded and mismanaged. Shouldn't the efficiency of currently run system be improved before building more schools in a mismanaged system? Curriculum? but if the quality of teachers is poor and their incentives are not aligned how would changes in curriculum help. Ah, again assuming that teachers turn up to teach the improved curriculum that they would first need time to assimilate in colleges that do not seem to impart quality pre-training. So big assumption there. So I find these conclusions uninformed about the underlying causes of failure in the Indian education. Is the report putting the cart before the horse?