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Indeed you are right, incentives based on culture and positive values can lead to actions, which promote healthy and stable societies. Creating jobs in unstable and developing countries is one of the best long-term solutions. But how to get this process started? In my point of view long-term solutions must come from the local society and focus on creating sustainable sector development. What is often needed is a sustainable development strategy based on knowledge and cooperation. Inspiring, helping, supporting, guiding and assisting such a development is possible through knowledge and network services. My personal experience in this regard is the tourism sector in Bangladesh and my own project started in December 2008. Tourism has since the 1990s been a small but rapidly growing sector of the national economy. Nevertheless, Bangladesh is still one of the countries in the South Asian region with the least arrivals and the lowest revenue earned from the tourism industry. Several international players have highlighted Bangladesh positively as a tourism destination during the last couple of years. The worldwide New7Wonders of Nature campaign included mangrove forest Sundarbans and Cox’s Bazar beach among more than 440 candidate locations from 220 countries. Along with only 27 locations Sundarbans is still a part of the competition. World leading publisher of travel guides and guidebooks, Lonely Planet, last year recommended Bangladesh as one of the top ten interesting travel destination in 2009. New travel guides has been published on Bangladesh by international renowned publishers; Lonely Planet (2008, 5th ed.) and Bradt (2009, 1th ed.). There should be no doubt, national as well as international; the Bangladesh tourism sector has indeed potential! Tourism is internationally often praised as an effective development tool, especially in rural areas and the developing world. The presence of tourism in any destination always brings with it economic, environmental and socio-cultural impacts. With the Bangladeshi developing status, a sustainable development would have a huge positive impact. But such a development is only achievable by balancing the needs of tourists with those of the destination. In my point of view, a barrier to a positive development of the Bangladeshi tourism sector is the lack of a consistent strategy based on cooperation, knowledge and sustainability. To take advantage of the Bangladeshi tourism potential, the right long-term actions are needed from all players involved. My conclusion is founded on my experience as Danish expatriate with a MA in tourism, two years of living and traveling in Bangladesh, a study on the potential of the national tourism sector and contact with a variety of people related to the local tourism sector. To inspire a sustainable tourism movement the Views On Tourism Project has been developed, with an objective to facilitate Bangladeshi access to tourism knowledge and networking. Two services have been launched. The web-page ‘Views On Tourism – Knowledge and Inspiration to the Bangladeshi Tourism Sector’ gather national, regional and international articles on the many topics related to a positive tourism development. Over 200 articles focus on themes like; Best Practices, Marketing, Management, Development, IT, Education, Policy, Market Knowledge, Cooperation and Customer Opinion. Further research is made easy through an overview of the important national tourism players and more than 70 links to international knowledge sources. The information has been carefully selected with the objective to support the Bangladeshi Tourism players with knowledge and inspiration. This being said the majority of information is also useful for an international audience facing similar tourism challenges. On a monthly basis the web-page now has readers from more than 80 different countries. A second project is the LinkedIn group ‘Views On Tourism – Bangladeshi Network and Discussion’, which is a professional Bangladeshi tourism network. The potential of this network group is huge! Imagine a network where members can interact, national as well international, to exchange views, find new employees, develop sustainable destinations, start up innovative products or launch investment possibilities. In the national media, tourism is often highlighted as a potential sector to develop and several positive initiatives are being proposed. It is not possible to estimate the exact short- and long-term impact that the Views On Tourism project has on the Bangladeshi tourism sector. Nevertheless articles have already been quoted by a national minister and the formation of a tourism related organization is inspired by this project.