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Submitted by Ziaullah Khan Bangash on
Dear All Regards I am fully agreed with comments of Eliana Cardoso on end poverty in south asia. as far as concern with my Country Pakistan, i am highlighted the current situation of Pakistan. We faced a lot of problems due to un employment, non availablity of basic domistic things like sugar, wheat. most of the areas are suffering from the military operation against militants. a large number of people have displaced from their homes and living in the camps. no income oppurntunities to these IDPs, they are waiting for releif from govt or donor agencies. Youth are discourge and their minds are set for terrorism, the militants have hired these youngs for their terriost activities and giving them nominal charges. Due to this practices most of youth have contacted the agents of these militants. what is the reason of these youth behavier change? yes due to no income oppurtunities, unemployment. if Govt creates income and job oppurtunites, i think the youth will be play a positive role to change the present uncertainaty in the country. thanks Ziaullah