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To Cynthia: You are right, more and better schools are also a priority, especially when we look at skills workers need to get a good job. Raja: Thank you for your comments. Bob: Thank you for your thorough response. I agree that reintegration into society is tricky stuff. I would add to your list the "cost x benefits" equation. When the cost of illegitimacy becomes higher than the benefits, peer pressure can be turned into an incentive as well. Mitch: Congratulations on your project! Francis: Indeed needs are big. The World Bank alone does not have an envelope deep enough to match, let alone fulfill them all. We need to help foster an environment for private enterprise to flourish hence creating a virtuous cycle of investments and job creation. Ziaullah: Thank you. Government's role is mostly to foster an environment conducive to job creation and opportunities. In times of crisis it is also to step in and provide better safety nets. But this is not a long-term solution.