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Submitted by Joe Qian on
Thank you all for the insightful feedback and comments, I really appreciate it! Vincent: I think investing in the GNH indicators may be a more effective allocation of resources that will spur and improve well being in the overall community especially in the long run rather than just short term speculation on behalf of large banks. Sharon: I think relative deprivation is very relevant in this context. We're always going to lack something that someone else has and being able to accept that makes a big difference in terms of perceived well-being and personal satisfaction. It's interesting that you brought China into your example, I was there a few months ago and quite disillusioned at how materialistic it has gotten-much more acute than the US. Christine: I'm glad that GNP resonates so well with you. The problem with GDP is that although it measures economic activity, it can't measure the activity's contributions to the individual or society. Some activities that increases GDP may not be positive. For example, spiraling health care costs may raise GDP if many people are sick and they receive expensive treatment, but it is not a desirable situation. It's nice to have an alternative measure especially since Bhutan is showing it can improve both concurrently.