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Submitted by Christine Zarzicki on
It is so refreshing to read an article that focuses on the indicators of "success" that are not based solely on economics and growth percentage points. While I understand that factors such as rise in per capita income and increases in GDP are relevant when interpreting growth and development, it is nice to know that not all nations see this as the "be all end all" of our existence. This concept of Gross National Happiness really hones in on the vital elements of life. Sustainable development, the environment, cultural values and good governance are all elements of our existence that should be the foundation of our lifestyles. It seems to be a pure and natural approach that emphasizes the true sources of our overall well-being. While the cynic in me imagines that most economists and business elites would laugh at this measure of happiness, I believe that there are many people left in this world that do appreciate and respect the idea that "less is more". Ipods and SUVs do not provide us with the satisfaction and contentment we think. But we are too wrapped up in the material world, that it would be hard to adjust to life without "stuff". I admire cultures and nations that attempt to redefine happiness. And while I believe they understand the necessary steps they must take to modernize and development, they know when to say when.