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Submitted by Helga Hoffmann on
Dear Eliana, thank you for the info. and interesting observations. By the way, that Faustian pact in the way you present it a propos fiscal deficits in Asia is being made by Pres. Lula. At least it is how it looks to me, seeing it from São Paulo. What does the snobbery at the end, about going to the Metropolitan, listen to Berlioz, and forgetting inflation, intend? To suggest that the rich do not have to worry about inflation? Well, as you know, I never managed to fully understand your literary analogies applied to economic issues... I hope you are enjoying the US and the IFIs. We are at the moment in a funny world, where against all expectations Minister Guido Mantega is defending floating exchange rates for Brazil while the IMF is defending capital controls. Love and all the best. Helga