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Submitted by Bob Spencer on
Your powerful statements make me want to vent a bit. In the midst of an insurgency or conflict between identity groups, it is the broad base of common people that become refugees; are victims of inscription by one side or another; and cannot conduct their normal struggles of squeezing out a subsistence living. They lose their opportunities for increasing security and wellbeing. They are the ones that get caught in the middle and lose their possessions, their families, their communities, their identities, their morality and their lives. They have no or very little power to prevent these calamities. But, I agree with the Ford Foundation and others that say, ““To empower people and strengthen their political voice, we need to help them gain access to the sources of power in any society. Typically, those include assets such as skills that are marketable, economic resources, and social supports. This is essential if we are to make a difference.” Jobs are necessary, but If they do not accumulate those kinds of assets, then they will be vulnerable to continually losing their jobs, and being a victim to the greed and wars of the powerful few. Bob Spencer