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Submitted by Ranjit Rupesinghe on
agree with Pala's point to an extent but I'm somewhat reticent to label the jobs that majority of women hold in the workforce in SL as "poverty based" for the simple reason that it's a harsh characterisation of what they do to keep the home fires burning. There is dignity in labour. It would be interesting to learn what measurement is used to categorise such occupations as "poverty based". It is clearly an economic imperative. What comes to mind here is an old Chinese saying - "employment is nature's physician - it's essential for human happiness". Be they "degrading" jobs in the Midle East or tea plucking in the rolling hills of S/L, one has to accept that it provides some income for these women to keep their families going and the wolves off the door, unfortunate as the case may be. As a caring society, we must strive to find ways and means of bringing about a semblance of fairness to ensure that women so engaged, are dealt a fair hand-how that is achieved is another matter because we can talk 'til the cows come home about international labour conventions etc but at the end of the day a solution has to involve both government and business at the local level