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Submitted by Sunil Rodrigo on
Chulie- Yes ofcourse I agree with you the role so far played in bring in ICT towards grass root level and being a person present on that day ,it was very much encouraging innovators comimg out from the rural base. In regrd to the women role in rural development, if the oppurtunity given and with the built up capacity to face the changing envirnment of the society,I feel women could do either equal or sometime a better role than men in rural development.It is true that ,the common thinking of placing rural women only in agro base/tea & garment sector and when look at very grass root level ,still it is a male dominating envirnment-Ex; In majority of the dairy farming at village level the majority of all the hard work are bieng done by women in the house hold but selling milk and handling milk money is the authority of the male of the house holds. To change this it need to empower and make aware house hold women with relevant information through ICT application to over come these communication and information gaps- this is better communication facilites and capacity building and application of ICT4D in their day to day applications.You can have a look at the Dambadeniya stories ,being pioners in introducing ICTand good management practices at village level,had empowered them to handle their own affairs whcih led them to become the one and only and largest women own enterprise with 10 billion worth assets in Srilanka[Dambadeniya Export village] own and mange by 3800 women share holders who are from so called poverty base. Dambadeniya story is a good example for the whole country for make women the leaders of rural development towards poverty eradication and application of ICT at very gras root level to manage htier own affairs. It is true that ICTA has done a wonderful job in taking ICT to villages and giving the oppurtunity for our youth to become more innovative and productive.But when compare to other countries in the regeion we are far behind in application of ICT for thier day to day affairs. The best examle is the recently initiated e dairy pilot project where small dairy farmers with very much low educational level handling using mobile enable e services to their day to operations. Hence I feel it is a requirement to make apply ICT4D for rural development.