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Submitted by Dibya Raj Pokhrel on
As nepal is heavily depends on remittemce. The current receiving amount is past saving of workers . they are returming home due to crisis . the impact of this will reflect in near future so to minimize the impact of import back of unemployment, reduction in capital transfer ,the policy makers should focus for how to deal it. though nepal is passing through critical transitional situation . the main objective and focus of the state is towards the restructuring country, constitution writing and governence. Despite the political turmoil there are some hope to address the problem through monetory policy and fiscal policy as permanent government are doing well. The comparision and analysis should be based as the size of economy / GNI/ PPP and CPI which varies countries to country. Nepalse geo-political condition alway presurize toward the balace relationbetween two gaint of asia. The opportunity of lying inbetwee of them is yet to be grasp . The spillover impact of growth of neighbour countries might be seen in future but how it will be transfer ? the tale question remains always with nepalese country men.