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Submitted by Shimrah on
The kind of situations and problems taking place in each south asian country is unique and has to adopt strategies that best suits each one. we can't create one and apply to all! Despite of differences in problems and issues in each south asian countries, the impact of global economy is similar for all! We can't deny the fact how global economy has destroyed local economy miserably! ... Read More The benefit of the global economy, many argue about, goes down to only some specific section, group, ruling class, and the capitalist! which is same case in all south asian countries.. The farmers suicide,vanishing agriculture sector, increased no. of people living below poverty line, hunger, poverty, no provision of basic neccessities and rights of each individual, no value of human lives, lack of opportunities n employment forcing people to migrate and earn at any cost, living vulnerable lives by the majority of the section in each south asian countries... we need to question and look into all such factors before naming which country's economy is good or which is bad!!! Almost all countries try covering up and say that there economy is doing great!! Hey, BTW, we shouldn't be so proud of remittances that we often talk about...we need to seriously reflect and understand how nepalese migrant workers are treated everywhere without respect and dignity! then we have to find viable solutions to solve unemployment issues!!! or make these migrant workers attain respect and dignity from the host country!1 we should never forget the pains and struggles wage by these nepali workers at any cost in their daily lives and the kind of problems and issues they have to confront daily!!! it's not at all an easy lives at all...