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Bangladesh is known as Democratic Country But as per article ( section ) 70 of the constitution of Bangladesh all power lies or centralize within single hand that is the Party Chief. Second one is very age old or left over Colonial Laws and Judicial System for ruling the people. Due to which hard earned cash money of common people are spend behind thousands and lacs of pending suits or litigation in the court which may not be settled even in life time not to speak off any certainty of result Now the question- who are direct beneficiaries for such Colonial laws which takes away valuable times of active life of both the contesting parties Trillions of Dollars are spent to conduct these long pending suits or litigation in the courts of Bangladesh every year . ARE THESE PRODUCTIVE ACTIVITIES ? If not why the colonial laws and legal system are not changes yet ? Experts are in opinion that in no way Bangladesh can face the current trend of advancement of Science and Technology like other Asian countries nearby Bangladesh Even Bangladesh will not be able to dream the face of digital world with existing Colonial Laws and Legal Patterns Third point which is most significant and important is the lack of accountability in every stage of life for people or for Government Personal / Officials