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Submitted by Muhammad Rizwan Warraich on
I am astonished to see, read and hear that Some International funding agency have given aid or flexible loan to some 3rd world country; with conditions to impose taxation on Tycoons and to develop country's own infrastructure of Financial Self Sufficiency but unfortunately every Government, every where uses those funds for other purposes; including subsidizing some basic necessities to the Public and rest funds go to either BIG CONSULTANTS or to the AUTHORITIES of such nations. What comes to a poor? Subsidized Electricity, Food and ..........for some months, if one is lucky. What for next month or years? Why Policy making forums are not bound to have Medium level Educated personals form POOR CLASS who can better translate the ideas of that particular class for establishing a long lasting solution of not all but for few of the Basic needs, less cost and better outcome. How come an ELITE class, highly educated, ignorant about the basic living need of any particular area, unaware of customs, can represent the Poor or a class living under Poverty line? World Bank so many project either failed or just vanished or became inactive after some time, as those were only planned in Air conditioned rooms or with the FEASIBILITY study signed by some one Rich man of that country. For God Sake, if you really want to serve poor, make poor a part of your team, who can share needs they had from their start of lives and a solution for that, as Media is now a days telling every truth to every body, poor or Rich, irrespective of if one is educated or non educated. WORLD BANK to think and refine policies.