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Submitted by smatth on
I think that at least a portion of policies should be focused on the bottom quintile of the population distribution. I've actually been discussing this at length with a group of classmates within an IR masters program. We are in the midst of a group project that's aim is to provide policy recommendations for Vietnam as a way of accelerating development there. Our research indicates that although there has been vast poverty reduction across Vietnam since 1991, the bottom 20% of the population has more or less maintained the same income levels. Further analysis revealed that the majority of the poverty reduction policies implemented thus far had been in urban areas, and that the poorest of the poor (often residing in rural locales) were seldom assisted. It makes sense that it's easier to bring those that lie on the fringes of poverty into better economic circumstances, possibly even into the middle class. Therefore more most be done to address those that live in dire poverty, those that have the most difficult journey ahead.