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Poverty is not a single issue, it is related to many aspects and differs in its intention and cultures. Having lived and worked for over 30 years in Asia, I have seen that poverty is not only restricted to rural areas, but also manifest itself in the big cities Socio-economic policies play a big part, but education and how it is perceived is essential to change the thought process of those who need it the most. Without education we do not achieve and without achieving we do not succeed. For as long as I have worked in Asia, the Worldbank and the ADB have injected moneys into many of the countries for education, but I have seen from close range that money is not the main factor, it is effective programs and people to put these programs together, who could slowly eliminate poverty. Education is one of the elements, another of many others is energy. Aknowledged, by many Asia governments as one of the important aspects of eliminating poverty, it is essential to give people better living conditions in the near future. However, a word of caution, over the years, many organisations have been involved in putting educational programs together, with asistance from the Worldbank,ADB and other financial institutions, but many programs have failed, due to trying to educate people by foreign standards, without implementing them in the exsisting culture. Many existing governments like to have there people trained and educated at source and not sent them abroad and see 90% not returning home, because the grass is greener as the saying goes. Also, many smaller organisations, with great products, skills and services, in many countries have been put off by the lengthy bidding and tender processes and I have met many over the years. When we really are indicating as a worldwide society and our intentions are focussed of helping eliminating poverty, we should work to an international strategy, but implementing this in an existing country culture. This a subject for which I have a lot of passion and enthusiasm and anybody, especially in Asia, but not only, who likes to discuss this in more detail or needs advise please contact me.