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True, poverty is a relative issue. India is a land of abundance due to its fertile land and hard-working people. But distribution of wealth keeps a large population almost hungry. 15 percent population of India comprising of political leaders, some businessmen and government employees own about 85 percent wealth of India and consume most of GDP of the country. Out of remaining 85 percent, 3 years back 35 percent were below poverty line having no access to health, education and justice. Government at the center in India has managed to raise prices of everything to about 3 times in the last three years making health, education and justice un-affordable to about 50 percent population now. From the government side, health care services are negligible, education is commercialized and justice needs a lifetime. All this is not because of things being beyond control but very much intentionally designed and implemented by the 15 percent population of the country due to its vested interests. Some other observations in this regard are available at and the solution lies at