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Submitted by Luuk on
As I indicated in a previous blog, it is not only the insurgents of moneys put into governments to eliminate poverty, but the willingness of central and local governments to make a change to those who need it most. Having discussed this subject with people in different areas of government in the last couple of month, it is become clear, that decisions are now being made at a local goverment and provincial level. There is a clear sign that there is a willingness to proceed, but the problem facing many is What has to be changed, Where have the changes to be made and When could a start be made to educate the people in the poverty stricken areas. Provincial and State Govenments have never been advised on how investing of serious amounts of moneys should be distributed and also have to face the facts that not enough people have the background to establish a controlled situation. I am still of the opinion that education, from early learning,primary,secondary, volantarily and higher is essential to get people out of poverty, but there are two parts which should be included,firtsly as said before is energy and the second is to train the teachers, within the country to be successfull. I will leave it to the readers of this blog to come back to me and like to see if we come together to a part solution. A start is better then doing nothing at all.