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In a capitalist society, the tendency is that the policies (and the legislative body promoting these policies) are inclined towards protecting the interests of a few upper class... they are the ones holding the biggest chunk of the country's wealth, not all, but mostly this is the case. The middle class, educated in a capitalist system, continues to work for these few wealthy families - - in the malls, in factories, in agri-business farms, etc. receiving wages that are minimum (or even less)... and who makes the laws to set the minimum wage? these are maily the politicians supported by the few wealthy families... and the cycle goes on and on for generations. The poorest of the poor? they continue to contribute societal problems through "no choice" or "victim of circumstance" or "manipulation" or "influence" - - resulting to crimes (i.e. robbery, thief, murder/homicide, smuggling, trafficking/illegal recruitment, kidnapping, insurgency, etc. Education is one way out of this scenario. If only, the majority has a common understanding of what is really the problem... and that there is that political will to rise above poverty (through right education), then maybe the cycle of poverty may be broken, or at least reduced.