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I have been thinking... like a company whose financial condition is unstable and its balance sheet showing a deficit figure so is a person who is suffering the effects of Poverty. To improve its financial condition, either management find ways to increase productivity/revenue/growth to eventually result in a profit (at the end of the period) OR find ways to reduce costs by improving efficiency or cutting down unnecessary costs and expenses. Or apply both strategies. Same for an individual - to alleviate his standard of living, he has to find ways to INCREASE HIS INCOME (i.e. if he is a laborer, his wage must be increase, or work more hours; same with salaried employees) OR he has to manage to REDUCE HIS COST OF LIVING (i.e. through cost savings tips and buying only what he needs). Like a company, there are fixed costs that have to be borne, and so is the individual to bear his basic needs of food, shelter and clothing. If a family is living in Poverty, and has to spend a certain fixed amount to survive, then he has to work on a day to day basis... and what if? the bread winner becomes unemployed for reasons of his own making, or for reasons beyond his control. What will happen to the "fixed costs" that need to be purchased? For those in this category, government, NGOs, and other concerned entities must help and rescue these families at these times... however, in the long run, there must be another solution to the problem of Poverty as financial aid cannot continue on and on. The family or individual with the help of government (especially) must be put in a situation where they can finally HELP THEMSELVES. One way is education... this is true mainly for the youth. But how about those already have families of their own and may not have the chance to go back to school? The institutions must help them IMPROVE THEIR SKILLS, or provide them with a means to employment or entrepreneurship, the latter needs capitalization and the skills to run a business. Another way, is for government or NGOs to promote LIVELIHOOD PROGRAMS, with skills training. There are many ways to alleviate Poverty. But it is a continuous challenge for the LEADERS to find systematic ways to implement all of these possible solutions. Because as we sit down and think of more strategies, more and more people are suffering from the effects of Poverty... and so this calls for quick and effective response from those who have the power, the influence, the means to help.