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Submitted by Dibya Raj Pokhrel on
In my opinion addressing to the transitional situation, enhancement of competency and institutional building are some measure to stregnten the capabilities of poor people to bring them out from traditional job to contemporary job. In the mean time positive discrimination can help to uplift the people from their vicious circle. In this regard, Political instability and mismatch of priority of different countries are affectig factors on transformation. Principally fighting for subsitence through making hand to mouth arrangement and poverty circle are those factor which compell poor to be poor and the low level of skill, ignorance and less address of their voice at policy level fertilized it to grow. More investments in education,health ,development programmes and participatory development approach can provide opportunity to make the people getting out from this circus. the decentralization of development activities can developed democratic institution that ultimately create ownership and people can transform their way of living with obeying rule of law.