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Submitted by Joseph Christie, Ph.D. on
Deer Ms. Shrinivasan, Since my comments on your article, "Rich getting richer: 120k Indians hold a third of national income" was expunged by your Newspaper (ET?) I am proving the same here for YOUR BENEFIT: "To get a fix on just how rarefied a level it puts them in, we did some simple calculations that threw up stunning numbers. It would take an average urban Indian 2,238 years, based on the monthly per capita expenditure estimates in the 2007-8 National Sample Survey, to achieve a net worth equal to that of the average HNWI. And that's assuming that this average urban Indian just accumulates all his income without consuming anything. A similar calculation shows that an average rural Indian would have to wait a fair bit longer — 3,814 years! " This is some gobbledygook and inane calculations by a totally crazy Rukmini Shrinivasan, of TNN, who has the temerity to publish her stupid nonsense. With such " economists" parading on the Indian landscape, Nobel Laureates like Amrita Sen will surely be forced take the backseat, expounding on Indian economy to the outside world. Hope this well-meant, albeit, severe criticism will help you to write articles with more relevance to ground realities, rather than some imaginary cockamamie statistical analysis or that leads us nowhere.