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Submitted by Prajwol on
The regional approach is a wise way forward, I like that idea. The proper sharing of natural resources, as well as other technology can be an economic boom for the whole region. Hydropower is not the ultimate solution, DONT EVER PURSUE IT AS THE ULTIMATE SOURCE. Investment in diversified alternative resources is the way forward. Either construct multiple smaller hydro systems, if not then be prepared for scenarios like in Tanakpur, Mahalisagar, Khurdalotan, Gandak and other barrages. Forget about the regular inundation in Nepalese territory, those dams haven’t been fruitful to the Indian side too. I am not a hydrologist nor I am a river engineer, but hearing decry of big dams all over the world I find it obvious to believe that big dams are not the solution. We should definitely harness water for drinking, irrigation and electricity, but big projects come with more predicaments. It’s impossible to tame big rivers so it will be wise to go along with it, relocate people from flood zones rather than build dams that helps one location but inundates lot more. If people keep settling on river delta, there will be lot more flooding reoccurrences.Even if political boundary exists, natural boundaries have the bigger impact in the long run. Water is the next fossil fuel, it's just a matter of time before people start fighting for it; especially the way we now consume and disregard the nature. And when it comes to sharing, make sure all the partner countries have the equal say. No one "bigger" country should exploit the uncertainty in others for their benefit. There should be mutual respect, mutual benefits, and equal say, regardless of the GDP or the might of their arms.